Hospital ATTACK – Suspect Targeted Little Babies!

Teen Goes on Rampage in Hospital, Assaults 2 Newborn Babies

Teen Goes on Rampage in Hospital, Assaults 2 Newborn Babies

( – A teenager launched a horrifying assault in a Texas hospital last week, assaulting two babies and several staff members. A medic subdued the man before he could cause any permanent damage. Police eventually arrested and charged him with attempted murder.

On October 3, 18-year-old Marcus Dewayne McCowan visited his girlfriend, who had just gone into labor, at the Regional Medical Center in Odessa, Texas. While there, he started acting oddly, grabbing a nurse’s arm and saying something “unintelligible.” Staff asked him to leave the area, but he started running around the hall instead. Then, things turned nasty as McCowan started to harass a mother with a newborn. Next, he charged three nurses at the door to the hospital’s nursery and tried to force his way into the secure area.

In the scuffle, McCowan threw one nurse to the floor, then returned to the mother he had already harassed and grabbed her baby. The teen took the child into a room and tried to throttle it, but staff thwarted him and saved the infant. After medics rescued the baby, he returned to the nursery, obtaining entry on this try. He assaulted another child, choking and shaking her as he yelled, “Die!” Finally, staff members overpowered the man, and Odessa police arrested him.

Authorities charged McCowan with two counts of attempted capital murder and several other offenses. He remains in custody pending a $228,000 bail bond.

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