Hostage Advocates Voice Concern Over Biden’s Latest Afghanistan Order

Hostage Advocates Voice Concern Over Biden's Latest Afghanistan Order

( – In April, President Joe Biden announced a full troop withdrawal from Afghanistan by September 11. The commander-in-chief said Congress never intended the war in the country to be multi-generational, but that’s what happened. US troops spent nearly 20 years in the Middle East. As the military prepares to leave Afghanistan, there’s growing concern over hostages.

On Wednesday, June 9, the James W. Foley Legacy Foundation released its annual report that studies the status of America’s efforts to bring hostages home from foreign countries. The foundation’s name is a tribute to journalist James Foley, an American journalist beheaded in Syria in 2014 nearly two years after terrorists abducted him. The report found “it will become more difficult to generate the intelligence needed” to find the hostages in the country and “conduct rescue operations” once the troops have left Afghanistan.

There are a number of American hostages that could still be alive in Afghanistan, including Mark Frerichs and Paul Overby who disappeared in 2020 and 2014, respectively. Experts believe the Taliban-linked Haqqani network might be holding both men captive. The report also expressed concern that the administration would lose the “leverage” they need to bring the hostages home.

The Biden administration has not yet responded to the concerns raised by the Foley Foundation.

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