Hottest News Picks for August 12, 2019


INCREDIBLE: Ebola Cure Discovered!

It’s astonishing how far humanity has come thanks to our scientific understanding of the world. This insatiable desire has led to the development of antibiotics, modern appliances, and spaceships. Time and time again, science has proven itself as the key to progressing the human civilization.

Now, scientists have outdone themselves again by creating a cure for ebola.

HIV, while still incurable, is no longer the fatal diagnosis that it used to be thanks to science. Now, ebola is the latest deadly disease set upon the chopping block thanks to countless hours of medical research. Join us giving our thanks and blessings to scientists across the globe who contributed to the development of these life-saving treatments!

2 Trump to Limit Legal Immigrants Relying on Welfare Programs

Illegal immigration is an issue that tears our country apart. What’s consistently lacking from the public discourse are discussions about how some legal immigrants abuse our social programs. Trump continues his crusade to secure the borders by cracking down on legal immigrants leeching off of the system.

This week, Trump introduced a measure that makes it easier to reject green cards and visa applications of those deemed likely to rely on welfare and other programs. It’s a move that will help restore sovereignty to America.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop Democrats like Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) calling this action xenophobic in nature. As this Twitter user points out, legal immigrants are still allowed in America. Trump just wants to remove or reject those who are only here to take without giving.

3 Trade Rift Forms Between South Korea and Japan Over New Trade Policy

Two of America’s long-standing allies are at each other’s throats over a new trade policy. South Korea removed Japan from its list of preferential trading partners; apparently, Japan “frequently violates basic rules of international export control.”

Trump is attempting to quell the fire between the two countries, and (like clockwork) Lefties find a new way to call Trump a racist. This time the issue arises over Trump faking an Asian accent during his latest fundraiser.

Not everything is about race in this country, unless you’re on the Left.

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