Hottest News Picks for August 13, 2019

Federal Court Gives TSA Immunity From Abuse Claims

China Riot Police Shut Down Hong Kong Airport Demonstration

Protesters in Hong Kong have vigilantly disrupted the city’s economy and infrastructure for nearly three months. Recently, this behavior morphed into successfully halting airport traffic for two entire days before Chinese riot police finally arrived and removed protestors from the building.

There’s little doubt that Hong Kong citizens will continue their protest against Chinese extradition policies. But while protesters continue to remain non-violent, at least for the moment, they’re testing the patience of the extremely wealthy and the Chinese government all in the same breath.

Now, Hong Kong billionaires are demanding that government officials restore order in order to protect their bottom line – and China is on board. Trucks have been transporting in a mind-bogglingly vast amount of equipment for local enforcement exercises.

Some Hong Kong protestors believe the government is ramping up for another Tiananmen Square event…but that seems unlikely. What do you think?

Deadly Russian Missile Malfunction

Five Russian military personnel were killed in a deadly explosion during a routine missile test that backfired this week – and another three suffered serious burns. A spike in radiation levels coincided with the explosion for just under one hour in a town 40 miles east of the missile site.

The Russian government assures us that the radiation levels weren’t high enough to cause cancer. But let’s not forget, that’s what they said about Chernobyl at first, too. Several high-ranking officials report that nearby cities are requesting additional iodine to combat any side effects from the radiation. Sounds eerily familiar…

Russia continues to keep citizens in danger for the sake of improving their ballistic systems. It’s unclear what the country plans to do with these missiles in the immediate future.

Kellyanne Conway Defends Trump Retweet Regarding Epstein

It’s no secret that Bill Clinton had some sort of connection to Epstein. How far that relationship truly goes…well, that remains in dispute. So, (naturally) Lefties lost their minds when President Trump retweeted a potential explanation of Clinton’s connection with the now-deceased sexual abuser.

Kellyanne Conway defended Trump’s retweet by claiming that he merely wants all topics to be investigated. Clinton had relations with Epstein and Trump simply pointed that out with a retweet. A retweet doesn’t mean endorsement of an idea in spite what the Left believes.

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