Hottest News Picks for August 14th, 2019

1 Teenagers Are Accessing and Stealing Guns Across America

Gun control legislation has taken center stage after the El Paso and Dayton shootings. Dems are pushing anti-gun agendas and some Republicans are reconsidering their stances. Setting aside MSM and Leftists for a moment, there is a dangerous trend happening across the country: teenagers are breaking into gun lockers to steal rifles and ammo.

Two teens broke into the office of the School Resources Officer of their high school last week. They stole an AR-15, a tactical vest, and presumably a few ammo magazines. One teen was caught, but the other and the weapon are still missing.

This week, one teenager was caught after posting a threat online to “shoot every federal agent in sight.” Authorities tracked down and detained the young man who regularly posted extreme white nationalist content on websites and chat rooms. He recently moved in with his father who had 300 rounds of ammunition sitting on the staircase and dozens of guns (including rifles and shotguns) in storage.

Regardless of what’s happening in the public discourse, there’s no better time than right now to double-check your firearm security systems. Ensure that your gun lockers and safes can’t be broken into with bolt cutters. Use a keypad lock for your guns and don’t give out the combination to ANYONE; not even your son or favorite nephew.

You may need to purchase expensive upgrades for your gun storage containers, but the safety of your family and the community is priceless.

2 AOC Complains About Anti-Union Employer

AOC just can’t seem to keep herself out of everyone’s business. This time, she’s harassing Dave Portnoy, the founder of a sports blog called Barstool Sports. Dave recently threatened to fire any employee who wanted to start a union.

Of course, AOC took her grievances to Twitter like a responsible adult.

There’s nothing wrong with workers being treated fairly, and admittedly, AOC is correct that all Americans have the freedom and right to organize. But it’s also easy to see why an employer might have concerns about unionization; there have been instances where unions actively abused their privileges in order to attack businesses unfairly.

Maybe Dave just wants to run his business without worrying about manipulative authorities hanging over his head. Or, maybe he has another reason to fear the employee’s desire to unionize – it’s hard to know for sure. But for AOC to jump in and take advantage of this difficult situation, in an effort to soapbox on Twitter and gain attention, says more about her than them.

3 Unknown Criminals Shoot Up San Antonio ICE Facility

An unknown number of gunmen pulled up to the San Antonio ICE facility on August 13th at 3 am and opened fire before quickly driving off leaving few leads to follow. Some federal employees were in the building but thankfully none were injured.

Julian Castro, a DNC presidential candidate, is trying to pin the blame for this attack on Trump’s rhetoric. According to Castro’s logic, Trump brought this act of violence upon federal employees who were lucky to survive the deadly shooting. That’s Left-Wing logic for you, folks.

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