Hottest News Picks for August 15, 2019

Hottest News Picks for August 15, 2019

1 Shooting Range Under Fire for “Back to School”  Discounts

Boyert Shooting Center in Katy, TX, is the latest recipient of the anti-gun crowd’s hatred of firearms. The shooting range is offering a “back-to-school” discount on gun range fees and classes. They’re being lambasted by the Left for promoting gun education that keeps everyone safe.

Don’t listen to the toxic Leftists about gun control; there are reasonable Lefties (like this one) that understand the importance of firearm education.

Now is the perfect time to teach your teens how to safely shoot and handle a gun. Firearms are tools, and any tool can be used the wrong way. Show your youth the right way to handle and respect firearms for a brighter future in America.

2 Russia Deploys Nuclear Bombers Near Alaskan Coast

Russia just deployed two TU-160 nuclear bombers to a region near Alaska. These bombers are among the most advanced in the world with the ability to carry 12 short-range nuclear missiles 7,500 miles without refueling. This is allegedly part of a training exercise to use as a threat to the US and as propaganda for Russian citizens.

The parading of these bombers comes after years of Russia neglecting missile testing treaties from the Cold War. America recently backed out of these treaties after multiple warnings to the Russian government. Alexander Grushko, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, conveniently claims that Russia is more likely to use nuclear weapons due to “new” US policies.

3 Philadelphia Shooter Detained; No Casualties Thus Far

Another mass shooting occurred in Philadelphia this week; thankfully, no one was lethally wounded. Six police officers were released from the hospital the next day after their injuries were treated.

The shootings happened after police arrived at a house with a narcotics warrant. Gunfire was heard near Temple University for over two hours before the suspect was detained. Trump tweeted his desire to see a lengthy sentence bestowed upon the shooter.

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