Hottest News Picks for August 19, 2019

1 Islamic State Suicide Bomb at Kabul Wedding; 63 Killed, 182 Wounded

A suicide bomber detonated his vest filled with explosives in the middle of a wedding in Kabul this weekend. The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack that killed 63 and wounded 182. The latest tragedy in Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital, is a stark reminder that the Islamic State is still attempting to gain control over the region.

This attack occurs while President Trump considers pulling the US out of Afghanistan and developing an exit strategy that results in the least amount of potential violence. There will be instability in Afghanistan if the US withdraws, but many claim that a continued American presence would be more devastating.

2 Multiple Potential Mass Shootings Prevented This Weekend

Americans have become more watchful for signs of could-be mass shooters in the wake of El Paso and Dayton. The diligence of our citizens has paid off — in spades — as at least three potential mass shootings were prevented this weekend.

This Trump-lover rightly points out that a watchful eye is the way to prevent these tragedies from happening in the first place.

One of the potential shooters was a 22-year-old man from Connecticut who made Facebook posts about shooting up somewhere. He’s being charged four times for illegal possession of high-capacity magazines.

Another 25-year-old male texted his ex-girlfriend about wanting to “top the charts” of confirmed kills in a shooting and “have fun doing it.” The man possessed a .22 caliber hunting rifle and 400 rounds of ammo.

Finally, a 20-year-old from Ohio was arrested for allegedly threatening to shoot a Jewish community center. The community recognized him as a white supremacist. He was arrested with a collection of weapons and ammo.

Remember, if you notice any warning signs similar to the above situations, don’t hesitate to speak up! You’re the first line of defense against mass shootings.

3 AOC Visibly Rattled by Lack of Political Spotlight

Trump has always had a talent for identifying people for who they truly are. He can see straight through someone, even with only one interaction. Trump’s latest astute observation about AOC clearly has her rattled.

AOC usually posts long-form messages, especially when replying to Trump. This wasn’t the case when Trump called out her insecurity about losing the spotlight in the Democratic party. She only reacted with an emoji, like a flustered teenager.

Seems like AOC’s finally accepted reality and can’t make up any more lies to defend herself with.

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