Hottest News Picks for August 2, 2019

1 US Terminates Cold War Treaty to Prepare Defenses Against China

China’s recent actions make them extremely hard to trust. Their defense of Iran in the midst of incredible regional tensions is but one example of China’s shady agenda. In preparation for a possible conflict, the US back is backing out of a Cold War missile treaty to begin new testing to protect our country.

The US claims that Russia has violated this treaty for years and refused to comply with our warning six months ago. This treaty was a shackle that prevented America from reacting to growing tensions around the globe. America’s new missile systems are scheduled to counter potential hostilities from China.

2 Trump Boosts Meat Exports to EU by 180%

American farmers were hit hard by some aspects of the trade war with China. Trump doesn’t abandon his people in spite of what fake news says. So he’s ramped up meat exports to the EU by 180% over the next seven years.

This is just one policy designed to keep America’s economy strong and competitive on a global scale in spite of potential blowbacks from trade agreements. Trump truly is doing an incredible job of bringing prosperity back to our nation.

3 Ted Cruz Teaches Young Americans the Evil of Socialism

Socialism is on the rise in the Left, which is no secret to anyone paying attention to politics. But, what might be even more dangerous is allowing socialistic thinking and rhetoric to infiltrate our colleges. University staff members are suppressing conservative thinking and speech on college campuses across the nation.

Someone needs to do something about this — that person is Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Ted Cruz understands the threat the far-Left poses to our youngest generations. That’s why he gave a speech at the Young America’s Foundation to explain the evils and shortcomings of socialism. Thank you, Senator Cruz, for spreading logic and reason to our youth.

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