Hottest News Picks for August 21, 2019

1 Amazon Rainforest Ablaze for Weeks

Amazon rainforests are responsible for 20% of the Earth’s oxygen production — and they’ve been on fire for weeks on end with no end in sight. Smoke plumes can even be seen from space.

If the Amazonian rainforests have been on fire for three weeks, why is it just now being spoken about? That’s a good question; Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s President, might have some answers.

Bolsonaro recently fired the director of Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research (INPE) for defending satellite data inconvenient to the president’s narratives. The data showed deforestation rates were up 88% compared to June of last year. Bolsonaro’s environmental policies have been criticized because they seem to encourage deforestation practices.

Seems like Bolsonaro is attempting to cover his tracks; tracks that can be seen from space.

2 Trump on Trade War: “I Am the Chosen One”

Trump is completely right! He’s the president addressing the economic abuse China has put America through for multiple presidencies. Now, Trump is the one cleaning up everyone’s mess.

Here’s a clip of Trump putting the truth out for the world to see.

3 New Phoenix Police Gun Policy

Phoenix police officers must now fill out paperwork each time they point a gun at another person. On its own, this change may seem like more bureaucracy and busywork. However, the new policy didn’t come from thin air.

Last year, Phoenix police officers were involved with 44 shootings, which broke previous records. Recently, a viral video exposed the brutality of one officer attempting to detain a suspect. No one was seriously injured, but the officer’s unnecessary use of force was the catalyst for this new policy’s creation

We talk about personal accountability and responsible gun usage. Police should be held to these standards as well. Phoenix PD is taking a step in the right direction.

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