Hottest News Picks for August 22, 2019

1 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Will Attend Xfinity Race

The Earnhardt family has changed the face of NASCAR driving as we know it in spite of their crash-ridden history.

Dale Earnhardt, also known as “The Intimidator,” showcased how an aggressive driving style can be wildly successful. His style was frowned upon by other drivers, but no one could argue with his results. Dale eventually died in a 2001 Daytona 500 crash after over 25 years of racing.

Dale went down in history as perhaps the most famous, beloved, and controversial NASCAR driver. His son, Dale Earnhardt Jr., took up his father’s mantle and lived up to the Earnhardt legacy by dominating the speedways and winning NASCAR’s most popular driver award 15 years in a row.

Earnhardt Jr. has been through some rough crashes in his time; that never stopped him. But, his latest accident in a plane sliding off the runway left him with back injuries. In spite of his wounds and his recent brush with death, Earnhardt Jr. will participate in the one race he signed up for this season: the Xfinity race at Darlington.

Earnhardt Jr. is more than welcome to rejoin his fellow racers on the racetrack. NASCAR fans across the country eagerly await to see him back in action.

2 Iran Claims “Talks Are Useless” as New Missile is Unveiled

Iran’s passive-aggressive behavior and strong talk have been building up to something. The country has distanced themselves from negotiations and terrorized the Strait of Hormuz to reach some uncertain end. No one was quite sure what that goal was until this week with Iran announced its new Bavar-373 missile systems.

Iran’s display of new missile tech comes alongside a bold statement that solidifies their isolationist nature. Iran’s president says “talks are useless” with the US when it comes to finding a peaceful solution. Now, it’s clear that Iran doesn’t want to hear anyone talk as they launch new missiles at their opponents.

3 US Sells New Fighter Jets to Taiwan

The Trump administration just approved an arm’s deal with Taiwan to the tune of $8 billion. Taiwan will receive brand new F-16C/D fighter jets as part of the deal.

Naturally, China isn’t happy with this deal. China claims that they firmly oppose the deal and won’t sit idly by. This threat comes amid many Chinese military tests across the oceans near Taiwan during the previous several months.

The world seems to be sitting on a knife’s edge with many major powers developing and testing new weapons systems. Let’s pray that military deterrence is strong enough to prevent a potential conflict.

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