Hottest News Picks for August 23, 2019

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1: Liberals Celebrate David Koch’s Death

David Koch’s death marks a sad day for some. David and Charles Koch ran extremely lucrative fossil fuel businesses during their lives and took a particular investment interest in Conservative politics. Sadly, David recently died from prostate cancer, leaving only one of the dynamic duo left to carry on the family legacy.

The Koch brothers have had a sweeping influence on politics throughout their life. They’ve underlined the importance of conservative and libertarian ideas for Americans for decades. Many Republican politicians have the two brothers to thank for their campaign funding; the Koch network brought like-minded businessmen together to create a strong and prosperous America.

As expected, Liberals are rejoicing in David’s death. They’re openly waiting for Charles to die next, and it’s sickening to see some of their comments. When did it become the American way to celebrate the death of your opposition?

2: Trump Threatens to Release ISIS Fighters to Home Countries

The world doesn’t mind it when American taxpayers foot the bill to keep known terrorists in jail. Yet, their countries of origin want nothing to do with taking care of the problems born from their society. Trump is getting fed up with America taking on the responsibility for everyone’s mistakes, so he’s considering sending the prisoners back home.

Trump made the announcement as part of his speech to the AMVETS National Convention.

France and Germany are two of the countries in question. Currently, there are over 1,000 ISIS militants in US/Syrian custody that originated in these two countries. Trump wants to wipe his hands clean of the region, especially Syria, and part of that process involves getting rid of these prisoners. Hopefully, France and Germany can find room in their own prisons for these terrorists.

3: Russia Unleashes Floating Nuclear Power Plant

A floating nuclear plant will sail 3,000 miles across the arctic and arrive at its destination in four to six weeks and be operational by the end of this year. Below is a trajectory of its path.

The nuclear plant’s primary purpose is to power oil platforms for Russia to drill from. Russia has wanted to enact these floating power plants since the 1990s in spite of environmental and political concerns. This kind of floating nuclear power plant is extremely risky, but that hasn’t stopped Russia from doing anything before.

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