Hottest News Picks for August 26, 2019

1 Coming Soon: Trump’s Trade Deal With Japan

Trump, the master of the deal, proves his economic prowess yet again. America and Japan will soon enter an incredibly prosperous trade deal! This is a wonderful boon for the American people.

The new trade agreement encompasses many industries with a particular emphasis on digital trade and agriculture. Japan has issues when it comes to agriculture thanks to pests and limited land availability. That means better times for our farmers with plenty of additional business for ranchers, too.

Details of the trade deal are still being ironed out, but the core principles are agreed upon. Trump expects to formalize the agreement during the United Nations General Assembly meeting in September.

2 Facebook to Hide “Spam Posts”

Facebook is disguising its mass censorship of the Right with another “anti-spam” policy. This time they’re supposedly targeting a “small number of users” who spam shared articles that are overly sensational and “misinformative.”

For the sake of being charitable, let’s assume that Facebook doesn’t intend to target Right-wing content (which is a laughable idea). Their spam filters are obviously inadequate as it is, even outside of the political sphere. How exactly does Facebook deem that this link to information about Lyme disease in this tweet is pornography?

Facebook can’t even target inappropriate content with their non-malicious intentions and, somehow, they plan to get rid of “misinformation?” Nice try, Lefties.

3 Leonardo DiCaprio — Along With Earth Alliance — Pledges $5 Million to Save the Amazon

In an incredible act of generosity, actor Leonardo DiCaprio is helping to combat the above-average number of forest fires in the Amazon. The $5 million donation is coming from his organization: Earth Alliance, which he started with other philanthropists. The funds are designed to help directly aid locals who are fighting the Amazonian fires. The Earth Alliance’s support is being channeled through its new “Amazon Forest Fund” program.

The organization’s contributions are a staggering one-fourth of the G-7’s immediate relief fund for the Amazon. The G-7 recently agreed to donate $20 million towards the Amazonian cause.

These acts of kindness show that we don’t need more taxes to care for the environment. If donations can work to restore and preserve Notre Dame after it caught fire, then generous contributions can save the rainforest as well.

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