Hottest News Picks for August 27, 2019

1 Trump Wants to Withdraw From Afghanistan Soon

Trump’s plan to pull the US out of Afghanistan is expected to come to fruition this week. After roughly a year of negotiations with the Taliban and the Afghan government, the vision of a peaceful withdraw from the region is within grasp.

Some Taliban officials claim that they will never cease hostilities against the Afghan administration. Below is a snippet of a Taliban attack force resting before their next strike. This is the type of hostile activity Trump wants to prevent from happening after our troops leave, in spite of what Leftist critics say.

Trump reassured the Afghan people that America will continue to support them through other means after this deal is signed.

2 Beware of Misinformation About the Amazon Fires

While it is true that parts of the Amazon Rainforest are burning, the exact details are cloudy. You know there’s a problem with factual reporting when Snopes, a Left-Wing fact-checker, tries to set the record straight.

Some environmentalists are exaggerating the scale of the fires and even reusing old Amazonian wildfire pictures. Others claim that the Amazon is the “Earth’s lungs” by producing 20% of the atmosphere’s oxygen. What they don’t tell you is that the rainforest is a self-sustaining ecosystem, so it uses essentially all the oxygen it produces.

Preserving the rainforest is certainly important, but don’t let the far-Left media fool you with half-truths and flat out lies.

3 Kim Jong-Un Seems Happy to Test Another New Missile System

North Korea unveiled its (to the best of our knowledge) fourth new missile system recently. Kim Jong-un gave the go-ahead this February to test and develop new missiles that can penetrate defense systems. Negotiations Between Kim and Trump have stagnated, though their relationship seems to remain intact.

Hopefully, Trump can get Kim to come to his senses and cease developing missiles to threaten its neighbors with. The UK, France and Germany released a joint statement urging North Korea to dismantle their ballistic and nuclear programs. Whether or not Kim chooses to act more peacefully remains to be seen.

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