Hottest News Picks for August 28, 2019

1 Is North Korea Building a Submarine to Launch Nukes From?

New satellite photographs indicate that North Korea could be building a submarine capable of launching nukes. Details of exactly what their submarine project entails are not fully known. However, it’s very likely that this new sub will be compatible with nuclear missiles when completed.

Analysts of the situation say that the sub isn’t near completion in spite of North Korean propaganda. Still, this is just another one of Kim Jong-un’s deadly toys that he’s parading for the world to see. He’s acting like a spoiled child who doesn’t understand the consequences of his actions.

2 DHS Reallocates FEMA Funds to Border Crisis

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) now has additional support to secure our border! A total of $271 million will be transferred from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA); $155 million of that total will come from their disaster relief fund.

Liberals across the nation are crying out against the funding reallocation. They think FEMA won’t have enough financial resources to deal with the hurricane approaching Puerto Rico and other natural disasters. Here’s what they’re not telling you: FEMA still has over $3 billion in available funding for 2019.

FEMA isn’t being neglected by any stretch of the imagination. Puerto Rico will have more than enough aid available for any potential damage caused by the storm. Sadly, you can’t trust a Liberal to tell the full truth.

HURRICANE WARNING: Tropical storm Dorian has strengthened into a hurricane and may reach class three if and when it reaches Florida. If you or anyone you know lives in the storm’s path, please be sure everyone is prepared! Keep an eye on the National Hurricane Center for additional updates

3 New Facebook Political Ad Credentials

Facebook already wants your street address, phone number, and business email if you plan to post political advertisements. Those credential requirements are about to get more strict with the 2020 elections on the horizon.

There are five new ways for political advertisers to verify their identity in accordance with this new policy. Submitting a tax-registered EIN number, FEC ID number, or a government website with a matching .gov or .mil email are three ways to show the organization is registered with the government.

The other two methods (more applicable for small businesses and local politicians) involve providing an organization name with matching credentials (phone number, email, website, physical address) or using the page admin’s legal name on the ID form.

Facebook already has unparalleled access to personal data, yet in 2016 they didn’t know who was behind the ads they sold. While we applaud any steps taken to make sure the public has accurate information, we worry about giving the social media giant any more data to use for its own agenda.

Whether this is another way to censor the Right or an insatiable thirst for more personal information, we can only hope they’ll treat both sides equally — yeah, right.

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