Hottest News Picks for August 6, 2019

1 North Korea Launches Fourth Missile in Two Weeks

Missiles continue to fly across North Korea and into the ocean. There are no clear targets for these missile tests yet, but the increasing frequency is making South Korea particularly nervous. This latest test batch of missiles remains unidentified.

There’s no official word from the White House yet, but Trump assured us last week that these kinds of events are “very standard.”

2 Two Broken Countries Issue Travel Warnings Against America

Venezuela and Uruguay just issued travel warnings about the US this week as a response to the two mass shootings this past weekend. Uruguay warned that visitors should be cautious of the “growing indiscriminatory violence” and racism. Highly-populated areas are also frowned upon in Uruguay’s travel recommendations.

Who exactly do these countries think they are to give travel recommendations when they can’t even fix their own countries? Visitors to Uruguay are told to exercise increased caution during their travels. Venezuela was ranked as the most dangerous country in the world for two years in a row since 2018. Yet they’re justified to label the US with a “Level 4: Do Not Travel” warning?

Venezuela and Uruguay have a predisposition to see violence everywhere because their own countries are riddled with crime. They need to stop projecting their own problems onto America.

3 Trump Accuses Google of “Very Illegal” Actions

Trump slammed Google lefties on Twitter this week to show the American people the shadiness surrounding the tech giant. The president pointed out the fact that Google had some dealings with the Chinese military and reminded the company of their influence on the 2016 elections. Google attempted to assure Trump that they wouldn’t interfere with the 2020 election.

The main problem is that big tech can’t be trusted. Google has a history of censoring the Right while artificially inflating support for the Left. Trump warns Google that he’s keeping an eye out for any funny business they conduct from now on.

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