Hottest News Picks for August 8, 2019

1 US and UK Team Up to Protect Strait of Hormuz

As Trump rightly points out in his tweet, Iran is dealing with their financial hardships in (perhaps) the most backward methods possible. However, some countries are attempting to speak for us on the global stage when it comes to finding the right solution to the Iran problem. Trump also denounces any credibility of claims made on behalf of the US by other nations.

The world has had enough of Iran’s inconsistency and aggressive posturing over the last few months. That’s why America and the UK have teamed up to ensure the safety of all ships traversing the Strait of Hormuz. Our UK allies are most welcome in the fight to protect and preserve freedom around the world.

2 Bulletproof Backpack Sales Soar After Shootings

It’s a sad fact that we must do more to protect our children from mindless violence. That’s why bulletproof backpack sales skyrocketed between 200 to 300% this week.

Elisa Cardnell (a Texan running for Congress in 2020) sizes up this entire tragedy only half correctly. She’s absolutely right that we shouldn’t have to give our children bulletproof backpacks for safety. However, her call for more gun control won’t reduce gun violence.

Increased gun availability and less restrictive gun carry laws provide a great deal of deterrence. Chicago has extremely strict gun control laws, but that doesn’t stop gang-related homicides from happening all the time. Cardnell should rethink her gun control platform before 2020 if she hopes to win.

3 AOC Attempting to Dodge Lawsuit Over Blocking Twitter User

Remember when Trump was told by judges that he couldn’t block users from his Twitter due to his position within the government? Seems like AOC didn’t take that ruling to heart. She decided that she’s above the law after blocking someone from Twitter.

This what happens when toxic leftists get into office. They think the world revolves around them and their feelings. AOC’s Twitter wars may soon come to an end after this case is over.

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