Hottest News Picks for August 9, 2019

1 Russian Bombers Intercepted Near Alaska

Russia is actively probing our defenses for weakness. Two Russian bombers flew within radar range of Canadian and Alaskan aircraft detection zones this week. This type of interception is believed to be the fifth one this year.

As this Twitter user points out, these types of fly bys have been “routine” since the Cold War era. Still, these “friendly hellos” put undue stress on our borders with global tensions rising. It is comforting to know that American and Canadian military forces are always vigilant and ready to react.

2 50 Shots Fired From Mexico at Border Agents

Unknown Mexican assailants opened fire on US Border Patrol agents this week during the pre-dawn hours. Thankfully no one was injured, although their boat took a beating as they sailed down the Rio Grande. Areas along the river’s Mexican side are heavily contested by highly-armed gangs.

Meanwhile, Democratic presidential candidate Bill de Blasio claims to support border security policies that don’t include a wall. Can a legislative policy block bullets like a wall does?

3 Joseph Maguire Becomes New Acting Director of National Intelligence

President Trump picked an incredibly competent individual to become the new Acting Director of National Intelligence. His “long and distinguished” military career was praised by the president as Maguire accepted his new responsibilities. Leftists are upset by Trump’s pick, but he gets to choose who resides among the presidential staff at the end of the day.

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