Hottest News Picks for July 10

Hottest News Picks for July 10

1 New Orleans Flooded — The Worst Is Yet to Come

Will this next storm be Hurricane Katrina round two?

A flash flood delivered nearly 10 inches of rain over New Orleans this week, causing widespread flooding and devastation. Tragically, it seems the downpour isn’t over; there’s more rain coming later this weekend. In fact, projections estimate the Mississippi River will crest to 20 feet, the same height as the levees protecting most areas, by Sunday.

The raw drone footage above tells the whole story.

Let us pray for everyone affected by the flash flood, both now and over the coming days. May God spare New Orleans residents from another tragedy this weekend.

2 Pelosi to AOC and Progressives: Absolutely “Do Not Tweet”

Pelosi is trying to play the “big mama” role for all Democrats. In particular, she wants the “Progressives,” who keep creating chaos for their party to fix, to stop resorting to Twitter to settle their differences. The Speaker’s advice comes in light of AOC and her friends’ constant harassment of fellow Democrats.

Pelosi has plenty of backward views, but this rally cry is one of the most level-headed statements to come out of the Left lately.

Unfortunately for Dems, their party is too fragmented to pose a threat to Trump in 2020. If Nancy Pelosi (of all people) has to tell the Left to play nice with each other, then they’re doomed to fail. Look forward to another four years of benevolent Trump’s great administration!

3President Trump Hosts White House Social Media Summit

Earlier this year, the White House created a survey aimed at those affected by social media censorship. The Trump administration’s goal was to hear from everyone, including prominent social media figures, who had been abused by left-leaning tech companies like Twitter and Facebook.

The result? The President recently hosted a meeting with select individuals subjected to harassment by the social media giants.

Trump sees straight through the charade big tech puts on. They’re trying to snuff out voices that don’t align with their own, usually in an effort to push a Liberal agenda. Thank goodness we have a president who stands against censorship.

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