Hottest News Picks for July 11, 2019


Iran Blocks UK Oil Ship in Persian Gulf

Five Iranian Revolutionary Guard ships attempted to stop a UK oil freighter in the Persian Gulf this week. Another UK warship had to point its guns at the Iranian naval forces to back them off. Iran currently denounces all claims and references to this event.

Iran is becoming more and more unstable. Their alleged attacks against oil tankers and shooting down US surveillance drones last month were apparently just the beginning of the nation’s hostilities. How much further is Iran going to take their acts of aggression?

2 Previously Postponed ICE Deportations to Begin this Weekend

Trump delayed the deportation of 2,000 illegal immigrants weeks ago. Now, he’s re-enacting his measure to secure our borders from undocumented individuals. Though Trump can’t remove all of them in this round of deportations, it’s a step in the right direction. The people affected by this action are individuals who have officially been deported in a court proceeding.

So many politicians refuse to take the necessary steps to make America OUR country. Democrats make up most of the opposition, but a number of Republicans aren’t supporting Trump on these crucial policies either. The president is taking matters into his own hands to do the required dirty work no one else wants to partake in.

This is the only way we’ll keep America great.

3 Free Money on the Highway? Why Didn’t You Say So?!

When was the last time you (literally) saw money fly into your face?

The back doors of an armored truck malfunctioned on a stretch of highway in Atlanta, allowing an estimated $175,000 to fly onto the road like candy from a busted pinata. It was exciting, for a few minutes as drivers pulled over to collect the free cash in hopes that it was theirs to keep — it’s not.

Much to their dismay, cameras along the highway caught footage of everyone’s license plates. Authorities are urging individuals to voluntarily return the cash before the police come looking for them. No punishment will come to those who comply.

It was a thrilling prospect to pick up a free few thousand dollars for those involved, but, alas, no one is getting away scot-free. Better luck next time!

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