Hottest News Picks for July 12

Hottest News Picks for July 12

1 Rapper R. Kelly Faces Federal Sex Crime Charges

What is it with all of the sex scandals lately? R. Kelly joins the ranks of other sexual abusers with a shocking number of charges. Take a look at this list.

It’s incredible that so many celebrities think they can get away with these disgusting actions. There’s no place in our society for sexual predators. Great job to the investigators who are enabling justice to reign across the land. You’re doing our country an invaluable service.

2 AOC Plays The Liberal Race Card Against Nancy Pelosi

Earlier this week we covered Pelosi’s reprimands against the younger Progressives stirring up drama in the Democratic party. AOC (the special snowflake she is) just brought race and gender into the picture. This is what the Left does, folks.

It’s clear that AOC will never own up to her mistakes. Instead, she’ll simply join the ranks of other radical Lefties who play the race card for every wrongdoing in their life. Has individual accountability gone out of style in our society?

3 Incredible: Coast Guard Boards Drug Smuggling Submarine

American armed forces have a playful back and forth with each other. Each division boasts its own accomplishments while downplaying the others. The US Coast Guard is usually the butt of many jokes (all in good fun, of course).

This clip of an amazingly skilled takedown of drug smugglers more than proves that the Coast Guard does their part in protecting our country.

There’s no joking about the danger and tactical precision involved in this boarding. Not many people can say they’ve wrestled down a submarine before. Keep up the superb work Coast Guard — we, and the rest of the country, salute you!

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