Hottest News Picks for July 15, 2019


Dear AOC: “Go Home”

Credibility is (perhaps) the most important trait a politician must possess. So, how is an elected official capable of fixing crucial issues in America when the country they come from is broken with a dysfunctional government? That’s the question Trump is getting roasted over because SOMEHOW it’s “racist.”

Trump didn’t pull any punches as usual:

Pelosi is calling for Congress to condemn Trump’s statements as racist and “beyond his own low standards.” Pelosi wants to talk about standards when she’s defending AOC and three other young women in Congress? They’re socialists through and through; they’re going to destroy our country if the Left gets their way.

The double standards are glaringly obvious this time.

2 Trump Immigration Change to Heavily Restrict Asylum Requests

It’s no secret that America is getting full to the brim with undocumented immigrants. Many of them are coming in under the guise of asylum in an attempt to take advantage of our nation’s good intentions. The president sees right through illegals’ ill-intent and is restricting how many can claim asylum within our borders.

Illegal immigrants must now request asylum in other countries BEFORE coming to the US. When an immigrant passes through several countries, they must submit an asylum request to each one. This will dramatically reduce the number of eligible asylum seekers and prevent our overly-crowded detainment centers from overflowing.

Of course, there’s opposition from the Left because they need as many “voters” as they can get to skew elections in favor of the Democrats.

3 Dems Push for High Minimum Wage Bill

The Left is trying to trojan horse a $15 minimum wage into law.

“Progressives,” especially the socialists among them, have been arguing for a $15 minimum wage for years. This younger generation doesn’t understand basic economics and how this absurdly high minimum wage would destroy small businesses. It would also force corporations to fire entire sections of their workforce to compensate for the mandated increase in employee salaries.

Dems are pushing for a gradual increase from the current $7.25 to $8.55 to $9.85. They want “progress reports” on how each minimum wage hike affects the economy. Specifically, the Left wants to know if it’s not enough until they reach $15 per hour.

What do you think the Dems are going to say after each report?

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