Hottest News Picks for July 16, 2019

1 AOC Continues to Lie About President’s Motives

First Dems play the race card, which didn’t work. Now, AOC has to make up something else to slander the president with. She’s saying Trump doesn’t want to be president.

YES, she actually said that! Here’s the Tweet to prove it!

Apparently, Trump only wants to rule over those who agree with him. No one embraces the Constitution and American values more than Donald Trump. How can AOC believe this is a claim in good faith?

It’s okay — let the Left keep embarrassing themselves all the way to 2020.

2 Trump Force to Defend His Tweets

Once again President Trump has to defend his perfectly valid statements because of manufactured political pressure.

He took to Twitter to clarify his position, even though he really should not have had to:

Of course Trump isn’t a racist. That’s obvious to anyone outside of the Left. It’s just sad that our president is forced to defend himself when the reactionary Left decides their feelings are hurt.

There’s only one message we have for the Left: grow up!

3 Women See Brighter Future with Trump

It’s not all doom and gloom for the future of our country, though.

More women throw their support to Trump in light of the recent social media wars and his booming economy. There was so much support from the fairer sex that they had to create an entire movement! The majority of Americans are ready to see Trump take on another four glorious years in the White House.

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