Hottest News Picks for July 17, 2019

1 Amazon Workers Strike on Prime Day

Americans enjoyed an intense shopping spree for Amazon’s Prime Day as they saved big on countless items. Consumers got a great deal, but Amazon workers got the short end of the stick. The countless hard and long hours Amazon employees endure are already bad enough. So, they went on strike chanting “we are not machines!”

The big differences between Amazon and other corporations are their ownership of the Liberal news outlet The Washington Post and the company’s embrace of Silicon Valley techies. You know, the same techies that like to censor the Right for just about anything. They’re all in the same bed.

Amazon does provide an amazing service, but it’s at the cost of treating American workers unfairly and firing them in favor of automated machines run by AI. Andrew Yang, a DNC candidate, calls out how Amazon paid nothing in taxes last year in the face of record profits. He has a plan to remedy this issue, but how can we trust a newcomer to the Democratic party when they’re constantly shooting themselves in the foot?

We need a real businessman to fix the Amazon crisis — we need Trump.

2 Secret Locations of US Nukes Not So Secret Anymore

A newly released blunder of a report written by Canadian NATO member accidentally disclosed the hidden locations of 150 US-owned nukes across Europe. The report was deleted shortly after the mistake was found, but not before the internet had gotten a hold of it. Now, the world knows about US nuclear weapons stockpiled in Belgium, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Turkey.

Thanks, Canada!

Critics say the locations of these weapons were already an open secret. This inadvertent leak was merely confirmation of their suspicions. Either way, it’s not the best thing to happen with tensions in the Middle East soaring.

3 Three Iranians Caught Smuggling Weapon Materials to Iran

“Many tons” of carbon fiber shipments made their way to Iran thanks to three Iranians. Federal prosecutors finally caught and charged one of them; the other two are still at large:

The damage is already done, but at least this illegal exportation of weapon materials has halted.

Carbon fiber is used in crucial components of missiles and centrifuge rotors for producing enriched uranium. Iran ramped up their uranium production in defiance of sanctions enforced by the US. It’s clear that Iran has the building blocks for creating dangerous weapons — let’s hope they don’t put them to use.

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