Hottest News Picks for July 18, 2019

1 House Strikes Down Impeachment Proposal

The Dems tried to impeach Trump and failed miserably.

Rep. Al Green (D-TX) introduced a measure to begin the process of impeachment against the president earlier this week. Green thought the country agreed with this radical proposal — he was wrong.

The movement was shot down in a landslide tally of 332-95:

Even Green’s fellow Democrats don’t agree that impeachment is the right thing to do. Of course, they shouldn’t because there’s no good reason for impeachment! This is a sign that our country hasn’t completely gone off the deep end — yet.

2 Trump Thanks AOC for His Boost in Polls

The recent backlash against Trump’s “racist” tweets is backfiring hard against the radical “progressives” who overreacted in the first place. AOC and crew thought they could bring down the president over a gross misinterpretation of his words. They were wrong; Trump’s latest poll rankings have risen thanks to their dishonesty!

Good job lefties! Keep at it so we can have Trump in the White House for another four incredible years of prosperity.

3 Rand Paul Blocks 9/11 First Responder Funding Bill

How can a member of Congress turn their back on a bill passed with overwhelming support? The 9/11 first responder funding bill passed 402-12 weeks after Jon Stewart’s heart-wrenching plea to extend financial support for them. Our country owes an enormous debt to those who risked their lives on 9/11.

So, why is Rand Paul (R-KY) preventing Congress from assisting these brave individuals?

Rand wants to know exactly where the money will come from before allowing the bill to pass through the legislative process. Here’s the deal: unchecked federal spending is a blight on society. However, our country can SURELY figure out the nuts and bolts later for this specific issue. These brave men and women deserve our support more than our country’s bureaucratic failings.

When did counting pennies become more important than upholding American values and defending the freedoms we all enjoy?

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