Hottest News Picks for July 19, 2019

1 BREAKING: Iran Seizes British and Liberian Oil Tankers

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard just captured two oil tankers for “breaking protocol” in the Strait of Hormuz. Iran claims that the ships shut down their GPS, ignored warnings and entered the strait through the exit. No members of the crew are hurt yet and Iran is escorting the ships towards a port for inspections.

Iran keeps placing stick after stick on the camel’s back. They continue to provoke the US and UK as if they want to spark a conflict. Hopefully, Britain’s prime minister frontrunner will turn back on his “promise” to not aid the US in the case of escalating hostilities with Iran.

Iran needs to cease its disturbing actions before the camel’s back breaks.

2 Iran Says “US Shot It’s Own Drone Down”

The USS Boxer shot down an Iranian drone this week. The drone got too close to the ship after multiple warnings to turn away. The USS Boxer defended itself, which was (of course) the right call.

But, Iran is spreading more lies to obfuscate the truth. They’re claiming the drone belonged to the US and called it an “accident.” How dumb do they think we are?

3 75-Year-Old D-Day Flag Comes Home

A bullet-scarred flag from D-Day is now home where it belongs. This beautiful and rare 48-star flag is a welcome addition to the White House. America will honor this incredible relic of the past.

American flags deserve respect — not being burned or replaced with Mexican ones. ICE protesters should take note of what true patriotism looks like.

America has a Dutch businessman to thank for this act of kindness and integrity. He purchased the flag at an auction years ago as a reminder of the country that freed his family from the Nazis. This is a much-needed piece of good news with all the troubles of the world today.

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