Hottest News Picks for July 22, 2019

Hottest News Picks for July 22, 2019

1 Iran Claims It Has Detained 17 Members of the CIA

If true, this could ignite the sparks of war between Iran and the world. At the very least, it’s more kindling to start the fire.

Iran claims they have captured 17 CIA operatives in their territory. Iran has told similar lies in the past, so this could be yet another government ruse. Nevertheless, this is an extremely crucial story…and we’ll keep you updated on it.

2 Oregon Moves to Label All Antifa Members as Terrorists

Oregon finally understands just how dangerous Antifa really is. The far-Left hate group consistently attacks conservatives over their values while crying about “fascism” and “racism,” all while showcasing the same values themselves.

Think about it. Antifa regularly attacks those they disagree with and won’t hesitate to cause severe injuries. Andy Ngo’s brain hemorrhage is just the most recent example. They are in fact the very definition of terrorist.

THANK YOU Senator Ted Cruz for recognizing this important and serious problem for what it really is. At least someone is willing to stand up for their rights.

3RNC Receives More Funding in June than the DNC (By a Long Shot)

How exactly do Democrats plan to win in 2020 if they can’t even afford to run a proper presidential race?

The RNC just pulled in double the numbers the DNC did in June alone. We’re still over a year away from voting day and the Right already has an incredible amount of momentum.

Maybe Dems should tax the middle class some more to pay for their failure of a presidential campaign. I’m sure that will work, right?

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