Hottest News Picks for July 23, 2019

1 FEMA Drops the Ball — Millions Uninsured

Over 100 million Americans in up to 40 million homes are uninsured thanks to FEMA’s critical failure to update their flood maps. The last updates occurred 10 years ago, which doesn’t help home-owners relying on flood insurance. Florida residents are the most affected by this government agency’s shortcomings.

FEMA’s incompetency is just more proof that we can’t rely on the government to do anything right. Fix FEMA or put them on the chopping block so American families can properly plan for the worst.

2 Franky Zapata to Attempt Flying Over English Channel on Thursday

Flying soldiers aren’t merely a product of sci-fi imagination, they could be a reality in the near future thanks to wily inventor Franky Zapata. His tinkerings are setting the groundwork for high-mobility devices that any military would love to mass-produce:

Franky has already proven his flying device works, but that’s not enough for him. He’s planning to put his machine to the real test by crossing the English Channel on Thursday. Wish him luck and send your prayers for a safe journey!

3 Trump Welcomes Boris Johnson as UK’s New Prime Minister

Boris Johnson won the UK Prime Minister vote by a landslide this week. He plans to finally give the UK the freedom demanded by its citizens by signing a no-deal Brexit. Great Britain got tired of having its strings pulled by the EU, so the citizens are taking back their country!

Congratulations to our friends from across the pond for regaining the freedom they’ve wanted for years. Trump looks forward to working with Johnson when he takes office later this year.

Soon, the UK can make their country incredible thanks to their newfound freedom.

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