Hottest News Picks for July 24, 2019

1 Senate Promises 9/11 Victims Fund Will Never Dry Up

Finally, justice is here for 9/11 victims. The Senate just passed a bill (97-2) that would promise funding for those brave men and women until 2092.

Only two Senators wanted changes made to the proposal. Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) only wanted the funds available for 10 years, and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) demanded that the funds be offset somehow. While Rand’s fiscal responsibility is commendable, this is not the right issue to nit-pick funding with.

Our American heroes deserve only the best from the country they love so much.

2 Mystery and Secret Deals Surround Neil Armstrong’s Death

Neil Armstrong’s death in 2012 was a tragic event. He blazed a trail for all of humanity when he stepped foot on the moon. Everyone passes away eventually, but the circumstances around the hero’s death are more nuanced than we believed seven years ago.

According to the New York Times who received an anonymous package containing almost 100 pages of documents on the matter, Neil’s family suspected the hospital where he’d had a heart bypass of malpractice during post-surgical care. The hospital paid his family $6 million to move on and stay quiet about the matter, but his loved ones couldn’t let the truth get buried over time — can you blame them? What kind of world do we live in where American heroes can receive such lethal and negligent care?

3 Nazi Soldier Blames His Victims for Dying

Remember the bully on the playground who would grab their victim’s arm, hit them with it and ask “why are you hitting yourself?” That’s the kind of kid this Nazi soldier was; he blamed his victims for dying while underplaying the significance and impact of the Holocaust.

He’s being charged for his crimes and involvement in one of the darkest stains humanity has had to bear.

The Holocaust denial conspiracy is spreading at an alarming pace. Some people are attempting to rewrite history by saying the number of Jewish deaths is “exaggerated” or even that the Holocaust never happened. The rejection of credible historical consensus is appalling, and even this Nazi soldier who helped enact those atrocities is trying to say “it’s not a big deal.” He’s even blaming his victims for not being strong enough to survive.

Is he attempting to cover his own back, or does he truly believe that the Holocaust just isn’t significant? Do you know any Holocaust deniers? Let us know in the comments below!

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