Hottest News Picks for July 25, 2019

NK Weapons Test [PLUS: Asylum Ban and Mnuchin vs. Acosta]

1 North Korea Launches New Short-Range Missiles

North Korea continues missile testing even with how well Trump’s talks with Kim Jong-un have gone lately.

North Korea just launched two new short-range missiles towards the sea. South Korea remains concerned and watchful as ever, though the missiles posed no threat to anyone based on their trajectory. They flew over 200 miles to land harmlessly into the ocean.

2 Trump Issues Restraining Order Over New York Tax Returns

Constant harassment by Democrats over Trump’s tax returns has pushed him to the edge of his patience. The president wants to issue a restraining order against the House of Representatives’ leading tax official. If successful, it would prevent them from revealing Trump’s tax records.

This isn’t a matter of Trump attempting to hide something from the American people. It’s a matter of principle and to prevent the Left from obfuscating the real issues our nation faces. Who cares about some paperwork when the immorality of abortion is still being defended?

3 Government Resumes Capital Punishment

Federal executions are back after nearly 20 years. Bill Barr is reinstating capital punishment for the most vile members of our society. So far five individuals are lined up for execution.

On one hand, we’ll be rid of dangerous individuals once and for all. On the other, capital punishment is costly and not all Americans see eye-to-eye on the ethics behind it. It’s a divisive subject, to say the least.

What do you think? Is federal capital punishment a positive policy for America, or is it too severe and prone to a slippery slope? Tell us in the comments below — we want to hear from you!

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