Hottest News Picks for July 26, 2019

1 SHOCKING: Georgia Election Officials Destroyed Voting Records

Voter suppression might be the most damaging trend to the fabric of our democracy. How can elected officials truly backed by the people get into office when parts of our country are tampering with voting data? Case in point, the State of Georgia is being accused of altering votes and destroying backup evidence in 2017.

This isn’t the first shady action Georgia has taken to alter elections. The state periodically purges “inactive” voter registration databases to ensure “accurate representations of their voting populace.” These purges often happen before voting takes place but after the voter registration deadline.

Don’t let this happen in your community — make sure your local officials are accurately counting your votes!

2 Gun Owners Sue California Over Ammo Sales Restriction Law

Earlier this year California passed some extremely restrictive gun legislation. One of the flagship bills requires anyone purchasing ammo to undergo a background check. Now, gun rights advocates are suing the state over this oppressive law.

California Dems claim that the bill is meant to keep the populace safe. The truth is, citizens are safer when they have guns AND the means to use them. We wish the gun rights advocates good luck in this case — they’re going to need it with their uphill battle against corrupt anti-gun Dems.

3 Iran Sentences “CIA Spies” to Death

Recently, Iran allegedly captured a group of 17 Iranian nationalists that they claim are CIA operatives. Then, their government publicly announced that a handful for them have been sentenced to death for their “crimes.” It’s a horrifying act and, if true, would be a tragedy for the families of these 17 people.

The thing is, President Trump is saying Iran is lying yet again to gain posturing on false grounds.

Iran has chosen to make a big deal out this false claim in the midst of other unfounded threats. They are attempting to threaten the entire world to get what they want. Iran is nothing more than a playground bully only far more violent and with access to far deadlier weapons.

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