Hottest News Picks for July 29, 2019

1 Second DNC Debates July 30/31 — What to Expect

Here we go again. Twenty Democrats are going head-to-head this week and nearly every one of them has a significantly different approach to fixing America’s problems. There’s so much division and instability within the political party that it’s hard to imagine any of these candidates will come across as reasonable.

Harris lambasted Biden for his “racist background” during the first debate, and it’s likely she’ll go for round two. Sanders and Warren are fighting each other over a similar support base. The remaining candidates almost certainly don’t have a chance, especially if CNN takes after MSNBC and turns off their microphones (like what happened to Andrew Yang).

Convincing that average citizen that Trump needs to leave office is a tall order — why change what’s working?

2 Arkansas Trucking Company Profits Plummet to Nearly Zero

Truckers are responsible for transporting 72% of America’s goods. Not only is trucking vital to our economy, but it’s also a time-honored classic American job. Being able to see the entire country while you work is a dream that millions of truckers live each day.

However, the industry is at risk due to forces threatening the future of its workers; advancements in AI and automation technology are issues looming over truckers’ heads for the foreseeable future. But, that’s the long game — right now there are more pressing matters for trucking companies to contend with.

One of the most concerning is a trend for retailers and manufacturers to source freight work from prearranged contracts instead of spot rates with on-demand drivers. This, among other factors, slashed USA Truck’s profits to just $1,000 for Q2. To put that figure in perspective, its profits for 2018 Q2 were $2.5 million. If this is the new norm for all trucking companies, then the freight industry and the American economy are facing a bleak future for 2019.

3 Detroit Area Automotive Plant Closes After 78 Years

Detroit has a rough history when it comes to automotive factories. The city used to be one of the best cities in the nation due to its focus on car manufacturing. Then, it nearly became a blighted ghost town when the factories shut down due to economic hardships.

Plants have slowly reopened near Detroit in an attempt to revitalize the once glorious city. Sadly, it seems that new factory jobs aren’t increasing as hoped. In fact, some of the existing jobs aren’t even being saved. Now, a 78-year-old automotive plant is closing its doors.

GM is cutting down its salaried workforce by 15%, which means one of their oldest plants needs to shut down operations. Roughly 200 employees are either being relocated or losing their jobs. That’s pale in comparison to the nearly 14,000 workers affected by GM’s “modernization plan.”

Many sectors of the economy are doing well, but it seems that truckers and factory workers are facing tough times. Do you know anyone affected by the hardships these industries are facing? We want to hear from the people — let us know in the comments below!

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