Hottest News Picks for July 2nd, 2019

1 Hong Kong Protestors Storm Federal Building

China’s latest attempt to reel in Hong Kong is failing. Here’s what’s going on.

The Chinese government is attempting to pass a new extradition law. If passed, the law would undermine the judicial system of Hong Kong. One of the natural results would allow anti-Chinese government individuals in Hong Kong. The bill is a blatant power grab, and the Hong Kong people see straight through it.

So, protestors removed barricades surrounding the Legislative Council building and forced their way in. They vandalized a few parts of the building, including flags and symbols on the walls. Protestors are adamant about keeping their demonstrations non-violent, but the Chinese are calling them “violent” and “destructive.”

Hong Kong demands freedom from China, and they’re not letting this extradition bill get in their way.

2 Facebook’s New “Civil Rights Plan”

Facebook is changing its policies to “protect your rights.”

The last time Facebook tried to protect people from “misinformation,” it resulted in the banning of numerous right-wing figures from their platform. Do they think we are going to fall for another one of their charades? Time will tell what Facebook really does with this new policy, but chances are, it’s probably not good for conservatives.

Check out what its reports are saying and let us know if you agree.

3 Trump Denied $2.5 Billion for Border Wall

A new court ruling from judge Haywood Gilliam Jr. prevents President Trump from fixing the border.

The federal ruling prevents Trump from allocating military funds towards the border. Trump had initially planned to add $2.5 billion to resources for the Mexican border and fix so many problems down there. This isn’t the first time federal authorities have blocked the president’s attempts to secure our country, but the timing on this funding slash couldn’t be much worse. President Trump took to Twitter to voice his concerns.

There’s a humanitarian crisis happening down south, and we need to fix it fast. Hopefully, the expedited appeal will be successful.

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