Hottest News Picks for July 31, 2019

1 North Korea Continues Missile Tests

The Sea of Japan is starting to fill up with North Korea’s consistent missile tests. The country has focused on launching short-range projectiles and their efforts are paying off. These newest missiles flew 155 miles into the ocean reaching a peak altitude of 18 miles.

Military tensions in Asia are picking up in light of recent events in the Middle East. North Korea is worsening relations with its neighbors with its military drills and weapons testing. South Korea continues to keep watch as more missiles fly into the nearby ocean.

2 Mexico Border Immigration Down 40% Since May

Great news comes from our southern border this week. The Mexican government announced that immigration into the US has dropped 40% since May. Trump’s strategies are finally paying off in spite of Democrat oppositionists.

Although the migration number isn’t zero, it’s a significant improvement from earlier this year. There’s no telling how many more migrants would have flooded across the border with a Dem in office.

3 Mass Shootings Are Becoming More Deadly

Mass shootings are growing deadlier with each passing year, regardless of whether or not they’re politically motivated. An increasing number of victims and casualties can be tied to angry young men who feel they’ve been wronged in life. Social media frenzies also play a part in nudging these lost boys in a violent direction.

This is a problem that the Left tries to fix by passing more anti-gun laws — which only succeeds in making the problem worse, in spite of their good intentions.

These individuals need help, but our citizens also need firearms to protect themselves during a crisis. What if a potential shooter knew for a fact that all of their would-be victims were armed? If most people in a given crowd had the freedom to carry, then mass shooters probably wouldn’t even pick up a gun in the first place.

Demonizing guns isn’t the solution to preventing mass shootings.

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