Hottest News Picks for July 4

Hottest News Picks for July 4

1A Short Prayer for Our Great Country This Independence Day

American families have their own traditions and rituals for Independence Day. Those who pray often thank their family, friends and country for the blessed lives they lead. Whatever you do for your holiday ceremonies, we hope that this short prayer is a welcome addition to your home.

God bless America!

2 Fireworks Safety Tips for Families, Pets, Friends, and More

Always have fun during your festivities tonight and for the weekend, but please remember to be safe! We’re sure you’ve been told a million times how to be safe with fireworks. Regardless, here are some handy tips just in case you need a refresher for when you show your children how to safely play with explosives.

3 How the Declaration of Independence Changed the World

July 4, 1776: one of the most iconic days in American history.

America unveiled the Declaration of Independence and officially broke away from Great Britain’s rule. The long and bloody Revolutionary War that began over one year prior was officially over. America forged its own path forward, seeking its own independent destiny.

Few citizens would have had the gall to break away from their mother nation to settle in uncharted territory and begin a new life. Fewer still would fight for their right to move into the future.

The Declaration of Independence is a symbolic statement that the desire for freedom cannot be eliminated. It proves the tenacity and spirit of humans perseveres in even the harshest of frontiers.

Think of everything accomplished with the Declaration of Independence. It gave birth to the nation that defeated the evils of World War II, creating an environment of success and the American Dream. It helped America do more, achieve more, and BE more: we created amazing works of art, discovered cures for diseases, and even, in one instance, allowed us to be the first country to step foot on the moon.

There’s nothing humanity can’t accomplish — that’s the legacy of the Declaration of Independence.

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