Hottest News Picks for July 5

Hottest News Picks for July 5

1 Trump to Deport More Undocumented Immigrants after Fourth of July

Trump is making good on his promise from two weeks ago to pick up the pace on deportations. He gave the Democrats a time table, and they stuck to it. Looks like Dems are finally shaping up as of late!

The president gave Democrats ample time to come to some sort of agreement on how to solve the border crisis. They finally complied and wrote up a $4.6 billion border package that Trump signed recently. Thank goodness the Left came to their senses on this issue. Let’s hope this trend continues.

2 The Brilliance of Our Founding Fathers and the Birth of America

The Constitution is the greatest piece of political work in the world. The Magna Carta changed the face of nations, but the American Constitution is the perfection of that document. Our nation’s founding fathers understood the proper role of government and outlined exactly what it was responsible for. The remaining (and vast majority of) power went to the citizens.

Our founding fathers didn’t see eye-to-eye on everything. That didn’t stop them from drafting the most revolutionary document in recent history. Their incredible vision for the country have birth to the most powerful nation on the planet. We’re forever in their debt for their founding of the great and just United States of America.

3 Andrew Yang First Democratic Candidate to Call Out Antifa Attacks

Antifa (short for anti-fascist) has strayed from its goals in pursuit of violent tendencies. What may have started as a sincere endeavor to revolt against fascism has turned into (literally) bashing the Right. The Left at large avoids addressing the problems and controversies Antifa creates.

This time Antifa assaulted Right-Wing reporter Andy Ngo. He primarily reports on Antifa violence and shares his recorded footage online. Members from the group punched Andy in the head multiple times while throwing milkshakes and spraying silly string over him. Some Antifa members escorted Andy away from the scene after he took a hard blow to the back of the head, but the majority continued throwing objects at him.

None of the 20 Democratic candidates have spoken out on this matter before entrepreneur Andrew Yang.

While Yang’s ideologies don’t match Andy Ngo’s, this level-headed Democrat understands that violence can never be a part of free speech. How can we have fair and accurate journalism when journalists are assaulted for covering a story? Yang understands the importance of upholding American values, even if he’s a Democrat — extending an olive branch towards lefties to follow suit is the least the Right can do.

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