Hottest News Picks for July 8

Hottest News Picks for July 8

Jeffrey Epstein Accused of Sex Trafficking

Absolutely shocking news today.

Epstein had his first court hearing this week and plead not guilty. The man is accused of paying underaged girls for a number of services including massages and sex. On July 8, 2019, reports also confirmed that investigators located sexually explicit images of minors, some as young as just 14.

Many fake news outlets are attempting to politicize Epstein’s wide-reaching connections to rich, powerful and famous friends. But the reality is that predators can hide in even the most upstanding circles.

We’ll leave out the political fluff and provide updates as this situation develops.

Another Dem Bites the Dust in Race for 2020

Eric Swalwell (D-CA) officially announced his departure from the DNC presidential race recently. It was obvious from the start that running alongside 19 other “serious” contenders for the White House was a mistake. Swalwell certainly saw that he had no chance, but this move is more of a tactical retreat than anything.

Swalwell’s throne as one of California’s House Representatives is being threatened by Aisha Wahab. He’s looking to defend his Congressional foothold instead of chasing a lofty dream of presidency.

…And Another Dem Joins the Fight for the White House

Many Democratic presidential hopefuls will drop out of the race when they realize they have no chance. Swalwell (as mentioned above) is cutting his losses. Now, for whatever reason, billionaire Tom Steyer believes HE has a shot to win.

It’s too late for losers to join the race, but they can certainly waste their money trying. The resulting crash in ideologies will be amusing at the very least.

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