Hottest News Picks for June 14, 2019

1 First DNC Debate Lineup Bursting at the Seams

Twenty Democratic candidates are spread between two nights of debates. It’s incredible that they’re managing to pack so many people into just a few hours of airtime. Tune in (or don’t) for the biggest debacle seen on television in years!

2 Pompeo Calls out Iran Over Oil Tanker Attack

Mike Pompeo formally announced that Iran was responsible for the attacks on oil tankers this Thursday. He says that only Iran has the resources, training and general capability to pull off this kind of strike. Investigations are still ongoing as other world leaders continue to chime in on this extremely volatile situation.

3 Castro Blames Trump for Iran’s Behavior

The mistake that this president made was changing the relationship that we had, in terms of the Iran Nuclear Agreement that was in place. What he did was basically break apart the positive forward progress that we had with Iran… all of the intelligence agencies said they were abiding by the terms of that agreement. It was an effective agreement.  -Julián Castro

So, Castro wants to blame Iran’s bad manners on Trump? Maybe he should have noticed that the Iran Nuclear Agreement was signed under the Obama Administration. He wouldn’t call out a fellow Democrat, though. That’s not what the Left does.