Hottest News Picks for June 17, 2019

Hottest News Picks for June 17, 2019

1 Short on Time? Here’s a Quick Recap on Democratic Hypocrisy

Finding it hard to stay up to date one how hypocritical the left-wing politicians are? We don’t blame you — there’s just too much to keep track of! Check out this short compilation of the latest Democratic scandals instead of pouring through article after article of monotony.

2 Trump Claims Iran is Defying Uranium Stockpile Limits

Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Obama-era Iran Nuclear Agreement earlier in his presidency. Now, Iran threatens to dramatically ramp up uranium production in response to the attack on two oil tankers last week. Iran continues to deny their involvement in the strike. Trump has yet to announce his policy on Iran’s volatile behavior.

3 Trump “All in” for Bill Opposing, and Potentially Banning, Flag Burning

A new bill proposed by Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) would outlaw the burning of American flags. Activists have burned flags in response to Trump’s introduction to the presidential race in 2016. Naturally, the president has a vested interest in protecting our freedom of speech. Trump has called out those acts of hate for what they are ever since he’s seen the true face of Liberals.

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