Hottest News Picks for June 18, 2019

1 Trump Raises Nearly $25 Million After Florida Rally

Orlando, Florida hosted Trump’s very first 2020 campaign rally — and it was a smashing success! His team raised $24.8 million that night alone in spite of all the Leftist nay-sayers crawling around social media last night. Trump earned more from this one rally than many other DNC 2020 candidates.

Does the Left have a chance to stand up to the man in the White House? We’ll leave that up to you to decide.

2 Pompeo Doesn’t Want War With Iran

Political tensions are at an all-time high in the Middle East in the wake of attacks on two oil tankers last week. World leaders are scrambling in confusion while trying to discover what truly happened. America is keeping cool in spite of the evidence suggesting Iran was behind the strikes.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held a brief press conference that assures the world the US and President Trump aren’t looking for another war. The Left has always accused him of being a “war hawk,” but this event should (hopefully) convince them otherwise. America just wants the Middle East to be safe — not to start a conflict.

3 Border Funding Agreement to Appear on Senate Floor

It only took the Dems the entirety of 2019 to decide to cooperate with Trump. Now, they want to say HE is the one who needs to be flexible?

Our guys are going to have to be flexible going in, the president’s going to have to be flexible if he wants to get his defense number, and obviously he’s going to have to work with the Democrats on some of the things they want to get done.

John Thune (R-SD)

What a joke!

The border crisis has been all over the news for a year and the Left finally wants to work with the presidential administration to do something about it. That’s the problem with the Left — they take too long to react to threats. The Right is always ready to go when there’s a tense situation to deal with.