Hottest News Picks for June 18, 2019

1 Don’t Miss Trump’s Orlando Rally Tonight!

Orlando citizens are going to have an amazing time tonight. Trump’s first rally to kick off his 2020 campaign happens at 8 pm Eastern. The arena has already sold out its seats by a massive margin — 100,000 requests for only 20,000 seats. So, it might be a little chaotic with crowds cheering from outside the stadium, but that’s okay!


Pentagon Sending 1,000 Troops to Secure Middle East

America is taking action to secure the Middle East in light of the oil tanker attacks last week and Iran’s threat to ramp up uranium productions. The US is deploying 1,000 more soldiers to ensure that Iran doesn’t overstep its boundaries or spark any unnecessary conflicts. Tensions are high, but President Trump assures us he’s got it all under control. Trump’s done right by us throughout his presidency and his judgment on this critical situation another example of that trend.

3 Dems Don’t Feel Like They’re Doing Enough for Illegals?!?!

We have thousands of Americans living on the streets in Los Angeles, yet the Left doesn’t think we’re doing enough for illegal immigrants? What an absurd notion to put the livelihood of ILLEGAL newcomers over those of established citizens. Thank goodness we have a president like Donald Trump to begin the removal of millions of illegals so that we can lick our wounds from the damage they’ve caused.

Trump Points Out Other Countries Doing More for Immigration to US than Dems Are