Hottest News Picks for June 24, 2019

1 Trump Imposes New Sanctions on Iran

Iran’s heavy focus on military and oil exports limits the scope of their geopolitical presence. It’s almost as if they’ve set themselves up for inevitable war. Trump is now taking a policy-based approach to remedy this problem.

Trump decided that military force wasn’t the right call last week while recognizing that decisive action is required to get Iran on track. He’s playing hardball, sure, but he’s trying to avoid a war in the process. The ball is in Iran’s court now.

2 Phonies Bring Fake Case Against Trump’s Steel Tariffs

China is coming back to the negotiation table after Trump’s economic pressure from tariffs. Mexico agreed to reasonable arrangements when he threatened them with a tariff hike. Trump’s strategy is wildly successful, but that doesn’t stop people from criticizing it.

This time, people are trying to say that Trump’s tariffs are violating the Constitution.


We continue to believe that we have a strong legal case that Section 232 is unconstitutional. Once the Federal Circuit has spoken, we expect that the losing party will ask the Supreme Court to review that decision. -Richard Chriss, American Institute for International Steel

It’s one thing to be jealous and another to attempt to ruin a career over one’s accomplishments. The Supreme Court refused to hear the American Institute for International Steel’s baseless case. Thank goodness for our just legal system that protects the innocent.

3 New Global Arms Race Is Based Around Hypersonic Missiles

The Cold War spurred the creation of countless nukes across the globe. Thankfully, the war ended without any major conflict. It seemed that the threat of a nuclear strike was gone for a long while.

Now, it looks like nukes are back on the table. This time they’ll be loaded on hypersonic missiles that can travel across the planet in minutes. Yikes.

I’m sorry for everybody out there who champions some other high priority, some technical thing; it’s not that I disagree with those,” he told the room. “But there has to be a first, and hypersonics is my first. -Michael D. Griffin, Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering

The nature of war has already changed dramatically with advancements in technology over the last handful of decades. Cyber warfare is a new battleground that WWII veterans could never dream of; it plays by completely different rules. Now, warfare is changing again with hypersonic missiles that travel over 15 times the speed of sound. Time will tell how this new technology changes the face of conflict, again.

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