Hottest News Picks for June 26, 2019

1 Just In: Two US Military Members Killed in Afghanistan

Two brave service members were killed in action a day after Mike Pompeo attempted to smooth diplomatic relations in Kabul. The military personnel were killed during a joint patrol with Afghan forces. No official details about the killings are known yet, and the individuals’ names are being withheld until 24 hours after notification of next of kin.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of these brave service members, and we’ll update you with details as they’re available.

2 Chinese Implement “Responsible” AI Guidelines

The words “Chinese” and “responsible” are laughable when put into the same sentence. But, that’s what the Chinese government believes when they unveiled their new protocols for how AI interacts with their society. One is expected to be skeptical of their “good intentions” given China’s track record of mistreating their citizens.

This is the same country that denies access to train tickets if you’re a “bad neighbor.” Now, they want AI enacting government policies to create a totalitarian state loyal only to those in power. Looks like China found another toy to keep their populace under their thumb.

This news comes shortly before AI experts in the EU are expected to call for downsizing mass surveillance for privacy and safety concerns. For all their faults, at least the EU understands the dangers of mass surveillance by powerful artificial intelligence. America needs to take these lessons to heart and fight back against unwarranted and unjust implementations of AIs.

3 DNC Kickoff Party Tonight; Grab Some Snacks!

If you’re tired of the same old comedy routines on TV or Netflix, then check out the first night of DNC debates tonight at 9 P.M. EST! The minor leagues are up tonight, but that doesn’t mean they’re worth overlooking. There’s bound to be plenty of knee-slapping moments, so don’t miss out on the fun.

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