Hottest News Picks for June 28, 2019

1 NBC Censors DNC Debate Candidate Andrew Yang

Fake news is still going hard and strong, even against its own.

Andrew Yang (third candidate from the left) attempted to chime in during Thursday night’s debate before realizing his microphone was turned off. It was working just fine minutes before when he introduced his platform of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) of $1,000 a month that he believes would help Americans make ends meet. Apparently, that’s all that the fake news network wanted him to say the entire night.

This isn’t the first time NBC has treated Yang (and other candidates) unfairly. Yang’s picture was excluded from one listing of the 20 DNC qualifiers a few nights before the primary debates kicked off. America already knew NBC was fake news, but it’s hilarious to see them turning against their own party.

Looks like NBC will even skirt the line with violating the First Amendment to keep fresh ideas out of the Left’s discourse.

2 Bible Classes Put Back in Kentucky Schools

A great victory for faith occurred this week when Bible classes were put back on the teaching agenda in Kentucky public schools.

Lefties are concerned about the courses turning into sermons and preaching sessions instead of purely educational. If the bill says the classes will be informative, then they’ll be informative. Why are they so paranoid over a little religious education when they refuse to teach a valid morality of their own?

3 Another Accusation of Collusion

More accusations fly at Trump over Russian collusion. That’s expected from the Left at this point. What’s a little surprising is where this particular claim comes from — Jimmy Carter.

So, the Dems had to hire an ex-president to come out of the woodwork to say Trump was only elected because of Russia? Next we’ll see Clinton and Obama screaming the false accusations as well! The lengths the Left will go to to “prove” something is absolutely incredible.

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