Hottest News Picks for September 17, 2019

Hottest News Picks for September 17, 2019

1 Snowden’s Memoir Attacked by DOJ

Edward Snowden’s memoir “Permanent Record” was just released in bookstores this week. In his book, he primarily covers the rise of government surveillance. This is the same type of information he leaked classified NSA documents about in 2013. At that time, to avoid prosecution, Snowden fled to Russia.

Snowden’s memoir recounts everything from his childhood to revealing how he helped create a mass surveillance system allegedly watching every American.

In response to the release of Snowden’s new book, the Department of Justice has filed a civil lawsuit against him for violating his non-disclosure agreement with the CIA and NSA.

The DOJ doesn’t believe that Snowden deserves to profit from breaching the trust of the American government. So, the lawsuit will block any royalties from reaching Snowden. Jody Hunt, Assistant Attorney General, justifies this decision by stating “Edward Snowden has violated an obligation he undertook to the United States when he signed agreements as part of his employment by the CIA and as an NSA contractor.”

2 Lewandowski to Challenge New Hampshire Dems

Corey Lewandowski, President Trump’s 2016 campaign manager, has set his sights on a Senate seat currently occupied by Democrat Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH). To that end, he recently launched a campaign-style website to express his potential interest in a run for Senator.

Lewandowski would still need to run through a Republican primary to receive the nomination, but his chances are looking pretty good.

According to a recent Emerson University Poll, Lewandowski has 23% support among New Hampshire Republicans. His potential contenders, Don Bolduc and Bill O’Brien, have a ways to go to catch up. Bolduc has 9% support, while O’Brien has just 7%.

3 Rep. Paul Cook to Retire From Congress

Republican Congressmen are dropping like flies only months before the 2020 election campaigns truly kick into gear. Rep. Paul Cook (R-CA) just announced that he’ll be retiring from Congress after his term ends. Instead, Cook will seek a spot on the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors.

Although Cook hasn’t yet revealed the reason behind his departure from Congress, he had this to say.

Serving in Congress has been an absolute honor, and I’m proud of my numerous victories amid a tough partisan atmosphere. Our high desert needs continued strong leadership at the county level, and I pledge to fight for this area with the same dedication and conviction I’ve demonstrated my entire career.

-Paul Cook

While it’s unfortunate to lose another strong Republican in the Senate, it provides the opportunity for a younger Republican with fresh ideas to test their mettle.

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