Hottest News Picks for September 2, 2019

1 7 Dead, More Than 20 Injured in Odessa Shooting

What was initially a quiet weekend in Odessa and Midland turned into a chaotic shooting spree across the two towns. A gunman with an “assault rifle style weapon” hijacked a USPS Postal Van drove between the who cities and shot individuals seemingly at random. Police believed there was a second shooter in a Toyota truck, but authorities have now confirmed there was not a second shooter.

Seven were killed and 20+ were injured during the attack. One witness describes her terrifying account of how she barely escaped with her life.

Authorities are still unaware of the shooter’s motive. The violent killing spree’s origins seem to have been a routine traffic stop between Midland and Odessa. It ended with the assailant dead in a shootout with the police as he crashed his vehicle outside a movie theater.

Texas communities continue to suffer from senseless mass shootings. Please join us in praying for the survivors and in hopes that these killing sprees will come to an end soon.

2 Your Smart Data Might Predict Mass Shooters

In light of the many mass shootings across the country, the White House was briefed on a proposal to prevent these attacks.

The plan involves creating HARPA, which would act as a healthcare counterpart to The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Where DARPA focuses its research on defense, HARPA would attempt to pinpoint the exact warning signs of a potential shooter. Sounds great on paper until you understand how this new government agency collects its data.

Volunteers would give up personal data collected by their smart devices to HARPA for research purposes. The data comes from sources like Apple Watches, Fitbits, and smart home electronics in order to determine what makes a killer “tick.” Then HARPA will develop a type of AI-powered sensor system to monitor citizens for any potential signs of shooting tendencies.

While almost any solution may sound like a great idea right now, we need to be wary of government overreach and abuse of authority. This new proposal is straight out of a dystopian sci-fi movie where everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Hopefully, the White House will explore and adopt alternative solutions to the mass shooting epidemic that safeguard our freedom and personal information.

3 Dave Chappelle Attacks PC Culture

Political correctness is a plague upon every facet of our society. Invented by the Left, PC culture attempts to make everyone feel “safe” by demonizing anything mildly offensive and anyone who says the “wrong thing.” Dave Chappelle’s new comedy show “Sticks and Stones” seeks to destroy political correctness by being politically incorrect.

The beauty of the First Amendment is that people like Chappelle can speak their minds without fear of censorship. Liberals almost certainly won’t like what he has to say most of the time, but there’s next to nothing they can do about it. Keep an eye out for Leftist drama surrounding Chappelle’s new undertaking the next time he makes a joke that hits them a little too close to home.

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