Hottest News Picks for September 23, 2019

Hottest News Picks for September 23, 2019

1 Highlights of Trump’s UN Visit

We are sad to report — but we’re really not surprised — that the media is misrepresenting President Trump’s recent trip to the UN. While fake news outlets promote their dishonest narratives, here’s what really happened.

  1. President Trump tries to bolster support for sanctions and other actions against Iran while France wants Iran to get back in compliance with the nuclear deal.
  2. The president condemned religious persecution worldwide.
  3. A news clip of Trump walking past a teenage climate change protester went viral.
  4. President Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian president is blown way out of proportion.

Here’s a snippet of Trump’s plea for peace among religious groups.

There’s no doubt that news outlets will attempt to spin these events in a left-leaning direction throughout the week. That’s why we’ll keep you posted on any significant narratives, helping you decipher between fact and MSM fiction.

2 Biden Says He Can Beat Trump “Like a Drum”

If there’s one redeeming factor about Democrats, it’s that their attempts at political propaganda are usually more amusing than convincing. Take Biden’s most recent jab at Trump for example.

This was Biden’s big takeaway quote during a fundraiser this weekend.

We know what this guy’s going to be. It’ll be ugly, it’ll be mean, it’ll be degrading. There’s nothing more important for us all to do but to make sure he does not prevail… given half a chance, I think I could beat this guy like a drum.

-Joe Biden

Between Joe Biden’s numerous gaffs and milquetoast slogans, it’s difficult to imagine him gaining any real traction as the DNC nominee when 2020 rolls around.

3 Extremist Army Soldier Arrested for Bomb Threat

Jarrett Smith, an American Army private first-class, was recently arrested for multiple threats of violence. Smith threatened to bomb a major news network’s headquarters, kill members of the far-left group Antifa, and potentially DNC candidate Beto O’Rourke. An undercover FBI investigator gathered evidence that led to Smith’s arrest.

Smith also wanted to travel to Ukraine to fight with the Azov Battalion, a far-right-wing paramilitary group with members sympathetic to neo-Nazi ideologies. The soldier was also keen on sharing information on how to build bombs with others online. He was in contact with another American who traveled to Ukraine — Craig Lang — to fight with the Right Sector (another far-right paramilitary group).

Thankfully, the FBI caught this potential terrorist in time before he could act.

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