Hottest News Picks for September 3, 2019

1 Texas Shooter Was a “Violent, Aggressive Person”

Texas witnessed another senseless mass shooting last weekend. While this is a tragic event, it’s equally sad that this shooting could have been prevented. The signs were there, but the shooter, 36-year-old Seth Ator, was still able to act on his hateful intentions.

Rocio Gutierrez, the shooter’s neighbor, said that he was a “violent, aggressive person.” One could tell at first glance that he was not a nice person. He even would shoot at animals (primarily rabbits) throughout the night. Truly disturbing.

He had been denied gun purchases in the past for failing a federal background check — allegedly due to mental issues. So instead, Ator turned to a private dealer for his assault weapon. The shooter had no outstanding warrants when the shooting occurred.

The troubled oil-services worker lost his job the day of the killing spree but he didn’t just “snap” — this was a long time coming.

Where Liberals are calling for more gun regulation, the more sensible answer is for every American to be aware of their surroundings and trust their gut. This includes taking note of your neighbors who may not be “quite right.”

All Americans should stay vigilant and do their part to prevent dangerous individuals from acting on their violent impulses.

2 Walmart Ceases Handgun Ammo Sales

In a knee-jerk reaction to the recent wave of mass shootings, Walmart thinks it’s best to cease ammo sales and ban customers from openly carrying legal firearms in its stores.

Liberals are getting exactly what they want with all of their outrage. They’re bullying stores like Walmart into adopting Leftist gun control policies out of fear. Obviously, those directives won’t solve the problem and customers will simply take their business elsewhere for their ammunition needs.

Congrats, Liberals. You’ve just forced America to take another step back in the battle against mass shootings.

3 Netflix to Air Series Loosely Based on Hillary’s 2016 Defeat

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 legacy will become preserved in the media landscape as a Netflix series. What should be a joyous occasion for Liberals is turning into another food fight among Democrats. As this Bernie supporter points out, it’s unlikely that this new series will resemble reality in any meaningful way.

It’s no secret that Hillary is a chronic liar and corrupt politician. Even the more socialist among the Left can see Hillary for the crook she is. Regardless of how factually true or fake this series turns out to be, it’ll be an excellent occasion for popcorn and a few good laughs.


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