Hottest News Picks for September 4, 2019

1 YouTube Fined for Breaking Child Privacy Law

Unsurprisingly, YouTube was caught red-handed in another scandal. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) mandated that all children under 13 must provide parental consent before a company can collect their data. The FTC just announced that YouTube will pay $170 million because it violated this law.

YouTube has videos clearly targeted to children, which is fine under normal circumstances. But, the tech company knowingly tracked underage user data to target them with advertisements for the sake of earning even more money. YouTube refused to tell potential investors about their child-oriented videos in hopes to evade COPPA legislation.

It’s great that someone is punishing YouTube for their illegal actions, but this is merely a slap on the wrist. According to Statista, YouTube is projected to earn billions in ad revenue this year. This isn’t a punishment; instead, it’s a way of telling YouTube “this is the worst that will happen when you break the law.”

2 ACLU Contests $3.6 Billion Allocated to Wall

ACLU Liberals continue their fight to sandbag any attempt by President Trump to build his wall. Nearly $3.6 billion is to be allocated from military construction projects to build 175 miles of the border wall. Previously, Trump had only received $1.35 billion from Congress for general border security purposes.

The ACLU thinks this is a “power grab” by Trump to build his “xenophobic wall.” These accusations are an attempt to mask the Left’s true priority of creating an open-border society. The Left’s obsession with globalism will do irreparable damage to America whether they realize it or not.

Trump’s administration has already announced that they’ll follow through with the funding reallocation. Liberals will have an uphill battle trying to stop something that’s already in motion.

3 AOC to Aid in Paying Bail for Leftist Protesters

Last weekend’s Straight Pride rally was met with Liberal counter-protesters. Leftists claimed that the pro-Trump heterosexuals were “white supremacists” as the two groups eventually went their own ways without incident. That wasn’t enough action for the Liberals, though

The counter-protesters then went on to harass the police by claiming the cops were defending “Nazis.” They formed a human chain to prevent police officers from passing before arrests were made and pepper spray was unleashed upon the crowd. Nine arrests were made under the charge of assaulting police officers.

These are the people that AOC believes are worthy of bailing out of police custody. To that end, she’s raising money to get aggressive protesters back on the streets. This is the epitome of Leftists believing they deserve special treatment when they break the law.

The counter-protesters weren’t arrested unfairly, but that doesn’t matter to the Left. They’re fighting for forced equality instead of earning the respect of Americans through noble behavior. This is the mentality our youth is being indoctrinated with thanks to our socialist-leaning colleges and instant gratification culture.

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