Hottest News Picks for September 5, 2019

1 Generosity Is the Solution to Dorian

While the Red Cross and FEMA certainly do their fair share to aid with disaster relief, that’s not always enough. There’s nothing quite as effective as ordinary Americans pitching in to meet the specific needs of those affected by Hurricane Dorian. A little bit of generosity from everyone goes a long way.

Jermaine Bell, a 6-year-old boy, was originally going to Disney World for his birthday. Instead of enjoying his vacation, he decided to use that money to feed Hurricane Dorian evacuees as they traveled to their new refuge. The travelers enjoyed some hot dogs, chips and water before they continued their travels.

A Florida man, who wants to remain anonymous, went to Costco to purchase 100 generators and other supplies for the Bahamas. The $49,000 purchase, including coffee, dry goods and other essentials, will be delivered via boat. As the locals thanked him, he plainly stated “It’s important that we help each other out. It’s better than just sitting there.”

These are just a handful of extraordinary examples of generosity across America. Even if you don’t have $49,000 or hundreds of hot dogs to spare, you can still contribute, too! There are many awesome charities helping in the aftermath of Dorian that need all the help they can get. And, if you’re not able to help financially, consider donating blood to the Red Cross.

There’s always a way to help those in need if we’re willing to search for it.

2 Walgreens Joins Anti-Gun Movement

The Left is winning the propaganda war against guns. More businesses across the country are giving in to the fear of witnessing another mass shooting. Walgreens just joined the coalition of companies that don’t want their customers openly carrying their guns in the store.

What these businesses are truly doing is painting a target on their backs. Shannon Watts, the founder of an anti-gun organization, is helping shooters identify a list of stores where customers won’t be able to protect themselves. Watts may have good intentions, but she’s extremely misguided. Does she really think that people bent on destruction are going to follow the rules?

Giving in to fear is how our rights slowly erode away, so don’t buy into the Left’s fear-mongering over guns. Responsible gun ownership is the real solution to our mass shooting epidemic.

3 US and China to Talk Trade Soon

Trump’s trade war on China has ruffled many feathers, to say the least. China has been taking advantage of America on a number of economic fronts, so it’s only fair that the US asserts its leverage over China. However, situations may improve for everyone in October when the two nations meet

Futures are up a considerable amount since this announcement.

Initial negotiation meetings will be held in October with consultations to happen mid-September. Hopefully, China will see reason once again and come to a mutually-beneficial solution for all economies.

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