Hottest News Picks for September 6, 2019

1 US and France to Talk About Strait of Hormuz

Ensuring the safety of cargo ships traversing the Strait of Hormuz has been one of America’s priorities this summer. Iran kick-started hostilities in the waterway earlier this year by disabling two freighters. Then, a few months later, the US struck a crippling blow to the Iranian military’s IT infrastructure, which prevented Iran from being able to track more ships to confiscate.

However, it’s only a matter of time before Iran rebuilds its technological infrastructure. So, America has been seeking allies to form a coalition that will protect seafarers in the Strait of Hormuz. France is the next hopeful member of this alliance, but negotiations could be complicated.

France doesn’t want to join a US-led coalition to protect tankers. Instead, they want to have an EU-centric plan to secure the area. Time will tell if France decides to pool resources with other world powers instead of attempting to spearhead a movement that’s already begun.

2 Sarah Sanders’ FOX News Debut

Sarah Huckabee Sanders ended her career as White House Press Secretary earlier this year to pursue other life goals. She previously announced her interest in becoming a FOX News contributor, which just aired this week. Sarah’s first appearance on the network was on Fox and Friends in New York City.

Sarah continues to praise Trump for his improvements in America and downplay any opposition by Democrats. One highlight of the show involves her asking why Americans can continue to support Democrats when they do so much harm to our great country. Sanders then reaffirmed her commitment to Trump and his cause to keep the US as the wealthiest and most prosperous nation on the globe.

I’m not going to change my position. It would be very odd to go from doing what I was doing to all of a sudden doing something very different.

-Sarah Huckabee Sanders

3 Pope Calls for Peace, Not Vengeance

Pope Francis paid a visit to Mozambique, a country torn apart by a 16-year-long civil war that ended last month. Roughly 60,000 Mozambique citizens showed up the stadium to witness the Pope’s blessing of solidarity and hope for a brighter future. Francis called for prioritization of peace and to end hatred as a driving force in Mozambique.

No family, no group of neighbors or ethnic group and even less no country has a future if the motor that unites them… is composed of vengeance and hatred.

-Pope Francis

Though the civil war is over, the nation is now a target for jihadist attacks. Most of the country is either Christian or Catholic with the remaining 20% being Muslim. Notably, atheism is nearly non-existent in African countries, but they’ve still witnessed the brutality of religious intolerance first hand.

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